Clan pipe tobacco

Clan pipe tobacco

Published : 01/16/2022 14:03:47 - Categories : Pipe Tobacco

The Clan Original (formerly Clan Aromatic) pipe tobacco is undoubtedly the most talked about tobacco among pipe smokers. Loved and at the same time hated, the Clan is a tobacco of Dutch origins which, when smoked, arouses various reactions: from applause to obvious disapproving grimaces.

One thing is undeniable: it was and is the most popular pipe cutter in the world. The pipe tobacco that everyone has tried at least once. It can be found in practically all tobacconists (even in less specialized ones).

It is a mixture of different tobaccos (there really is everything in it) expertly blended and whose unique and unmistakable aroma comes from a formula (as confidential as that of coca cola) that undoubtedly led to its spread. The cut is fine and this tobacco can be easily smoked in any pipe.

Contrary to popular belief, it is aimed at smokers of a certain experience, since both for the aroma and for the cut, if you do not smoke properly, it could annoy the tongue and palate.

Probably the greatest value of Clan tobacco is the aroma it leaves in the rooms which makes it pleasant to those around us, but you know, those who smoke a pipe don't care...

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