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Paronelli Reverse

Reverse is the first pipe created by Paronelli with the system ” calabash reverse “.
This System permit to recreate a typology of smoking identical to the pumpkins calabash , or rather the chamber of expansion ( or chamber of condensation ) contained within the shank permit a ” decantation ” of the smoke that comes into the mouth always dry and fresh.
The sardinian briar with a guarantee seasoning of 8 years it allowed us to obtain a light pipe with a unique and inimitable taste.
Other innovation present on the Reverse pipe is the exclusive patent of the double hole flanked that from the bowl come inside the expansion chamber. This arrangement allows smoking completely the entire charge of tobacco.
For the acrylic mouthpiece we decided to adopt a nylon pin able to guarantee maximum smoothness during the phase disassembly and cleaning of the pipe. For stores, the Reverse series is offered exclusively in Vogue, Sandstorm, Style and Design.

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