At the end of 2005 the pieces collected exceeded 30,000 units. These include pipes, tools, machinery, paper volumes, porcelain, clay and many other. The machines (about thirty) are the most disparate. Among these we point out the four monumental pedal lathes of over a century.

The museum is divided into thematic rooms. The most important and representative room is the CHAMPION ROOM of the historic F.lli Rossi company. Then we have a EUROPE ROOM, DISHES PLATES AND PORCELAIN, EXOTIC ROOM, a room dedicated to HANDMADE PIPES and a SALON OF MACHINERY AND TOOLS. In all the rooms of the museum you can admire various works by J.M. Alberto Paronelli (from the pottery, to the painted plates to the hand-painted ornamental pumpkins with religious theme, poems and songs).

The museum is also home to the Academy of the Pipe founded in Gavirate by J.M. Alberto Paronelli in 1984. This international, non-profit organization promotes informative-editorial, promotional and consultative initiatives.
  • Europe room
  • Study of J.M.Alberto Paronelli
  • Machine room
  • Accademy room
  • Rossi Industry Room
  • Porcelain room
  • Exotic Room