Jean Marie Alberto Paronelli was born December 21, 1914 in Gavirate.
At 18 years old, he went to London where he learned to speak and correctly wrote French, English, German and Spanish.
In the London city he knows the art of pipe, visiting Burlington Arcade stores with assiduity. Becomes first collector and then consultant to other passionate collectors like him. He started working for Leonida Rossi and opened an office in Milan for the sale of the Red Pipe. In 1945 he decided to start his own business creating the Paronelli brand. He began to design and produce his first models for the English market. In 1970 with his sons he founded the First Italian Pipe Museum in Gavirate (VA) and founded the magazine LA PIPA. Alberto was also rector of the Italian Academy of Pipa and honorary member of numerous club all over the world. He believed above all in friendship and in human relationships. In his museum, enthusiasts from all over the world still meet today. He told so many pleasant anecdotes and you discovered yourself as a child in an enchanted world. The most striking thing about knowing him is the vitality of those who, like him, had the good fortune to never work one day, because he did it with great passion. His creativity was expressed in words but also in painting and sculpture which Alberto was a great lover.