We place great importance on the "preparation of the briar blocks".
The briar is cultivated, under the supervision of Ariberto, in the best geographical areas of Italy (Calabria and Sardinia).
This root is extracted from the soil when the plant is at rest and therefore lymph-free (which would make the smoke bitter).
Boiling is extremely important. It is made to stabilize and purify the briar root (growing under the ground it absorbs the mineral salts and tannins present in the soil).
Once this process is complete, the individual plates are dried and cured. This process can vary from 2 to 5 years. We are able to produce pipes made with briar from the minimum maturation period of almost 70 years (plates prepared by the founder J.M. ALBERTO PARONELLI in 1945).
Thanks to this strict discipline we are able to get a good pipe right from the first smoke.


GRADE ** Pipes with an excellent flame obtained from the briar root plate
GRADE *** Pipes entirely flamed and with partridge eye obtained from the briar root plate

The Paronelli pipes produced starting from July 2014 can also be recognized by a small burr in the mouth on the mouthpiece.