Historic pipe tobaccos: Dunhill tobaccos

Historic pipe tobaccos: Dunhill tobaccos

Published : 10/23/2022 17:19:19 - Categories : Pipe Tobacco

Alfred Dunhill made his fortune by mixing tobaccos at the request of customers who wanted shredded with very specific characteristics that they could not find on the market. Let's look at the characteristics of the main Dunhill tobaccos.


Often referred to as "the best tobacco ever produced". It is made up of Virginia Light and Virginia Dark to a predominant extent; Latakia, with a characteristic aroma of incense, is present in moderate quantities and together with other Turkish tobaccos, it gives fragrance and sweetness to the entire blend. It is best appreciated in straight or slightly curved pipes. It goes well with a good cognac.


The name itself indicates that it is a suitable tobacco from the early morning. It is a sweet mixture with a particularly delicate aroma. It is made up of Virginia Bright and Turkish tobaccos with just a trace of Latakia.


A mid-day tobacco, before a good lunch. More decisive taste of the Early Morning thanks to the addition of a few oriental tobacco leaves.


Tobacco for the evening, a period of relaxation and rest. Full and exotic aroma. Rich, decisive but not heavy flavor. It is the result of a perfect dosage of Virginia Light and Bright, Latakia and other oriental ones.


With this chopped Dunhill clearly moves away from what are the canons of English Mixtures. It is in fact composed of various types of Virginia and treated in such a way as to obtain a pleasantly sweet but at the same time spicy taste. Rather dark color and fine cut (unusual for English tobaccos). For this characteristic it is aimed at smokers of a certain experience.


One of the rare Mixtures where Latakia is absent. Composed of Virginia Bright, Virginia Dark and Perique. The latter gives the blend a very intense taste, giving it a scent of oriental spices.

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