Historic pipe tobaccos: the Balkan Sobranie

Historic pipe tobaccos: the Balkan Sobranie

Published : 02/20/2022 18:01:02 - Categories : Pipe Tobacco

The Balkan Sobranie, a renowned house built in London over a century ago, is the most remembered of the " lost tobaccos ".

The Balkan Sobranie Mixture (white tin) was a skilful blend of Virginia, Latakia and oriental tobaccos with the addition of the rare Yenidje which gave it an "aristocratic" aroma, making it one of the most popular and popular pipe mixes in the world. The rather chunky cut and medium taste made it suitable for all hours of the day. It was enhanced in pipes by the medium-sized and long-stemmed cooker such as the Canadian ones. In these models the smoke had more time to cool and gave the smoker the opportunity to appreciate its many facets.

The Balkan Sobranie N ° 759 (black tin) was the result of a mixture of Virginia, Macedonia and in particular Latakia of the blue mountains (in high percentage). The rich taste and spicy aroma denoted the care of the house for this tobacco that has become a real flagship of the London house. It is probably still the most regretted tobacco by pipe smokers.

Balkan Sobranie Viriginian N ° 10 was a particularly strange and unusual tobacco. It consisted of Virginia and select cigar leaves. Chunky and rather compressed cut (a sort of crumbled flake). The taste was surprisingly strong and delicate at the same time and its aroma was not negatively affected by the cigar leaves but on the contrary made the blend more noble and intense.

The brand disappeared in 1998 when the owners decided to withdraw their blends from the American market for fear of class action (which were widespread against the tobacco giants).

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