Tabaccheria Lupidi in Rome

Tabaccheria Lupidi in Rome

Published : 06/10/2023 11:07:23 - Categories : The best tobacconists

It all started in 1976 with father Enzo who took over the tobacco shop from the previous property, but it was in 2000 that we began to serve the Gentlemen of Rome who wanted to approach slow smoking, thanks to the first contract signed with Diadema.

Today the shop is managed by Andrea and Massimo Lupidi, both catadors, the former an expert on pipes and the latter on cigars.

There are several humidors in the shop, but the main one is a walk-in humidor on the upper floor where you can find the best of Cuban cigar production, first of all, and Central American.

There are about 400 pipes, almost exclusively handcrafted as well as some lines produced exclusively for us. We are always looking for new craftsmen in the pipe world.

To complete the vast assortment, all the accessories needed to better enjoy your cigar or your beloved pipe.

Tabaccheria Lupidi is the exclusive Paronelli Pipe dealer for the city of Rome. The multi-year collaboration between Ariberto (owner of Paronelli Pipe) and Andrea has led to the creation of exclusive series such as the HORN. Smooth or sandblasted briar pipes with vintage mouthpiece in real buffalo horn.

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